Snag Warning

The Fast Side of several of our bag series is a durable material, although it is prone to snags. Players should check all surfaces of the boards and surrounding area for anything that could snag the fibers of the bag.  If an issue is found, board repairs may be needed before playing with the bags. Small issues may only require a light sanding with 220 or finer. Larger issues may require glue or epoxy to be used.  
Typically what happens with this fabric is that the fibers tend to shift, roll or rotate leaving a cosmetic streak. This is cosmetic only and will not affect play of the bag. Depending on the color of the bag, a colored sharpie may be used to touch it up. If loose threads are present, they can be clipped with fingernail clippers or a good set of sewing scissors.

Bags are warrantied for defects, but not for any damage due to play.